13 Dec 2019: Let Us Learn from the Teacher


Memorial of Saint Lucy, Virgin and Martyr
Readings: Is 48:17-19, Mt 11:16-19

‘God is a teacher’ is the affirmation of the first reading. Our loving God says that He will teach us what is good for us and lead us in the way that we must go. If we abide by His teaching our happiness would be like a river (flowing upon the hills and valleys), our integrity like the waves of the sea (never ceasing to makes its presence felt) and our life will be filled with abundant blessing. It all depends on our ability to learn from Him and abide by what He teaches.

Practically in our life, we are neither able to see Him or listen to Him. Then how to learn from the teacher? Dear brethren, He makes Himself present in every Sacrament celebration and in the Word of God. He is waiting to teach us through various means, provided we are open to receive the teaching and learn from it.

Prayer: My loving Father, open my eyes to see You, my ears to listen to You and my heart to feel You all the days of my life, Amen.


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