12 Sep 2019: Love and Compassion


23rd Week in Ordinary Time

Readings; Col 3:12-17, Lk 6:27-38

Two Divine virtues that are presented in today’s readings are; ‘Love and Compassion.’ God-Man Jesus lived it and culminated it on the cross as He breathed His last. These are the most needed virtues in today’s society, where the true value of love and compassion is lost. We seem to move by pity but not by action. We feel sorry for the people in the street struggling for life or for people orphaned and left aside in the society. At the most out of our abundance we might spend few coins for them. By these deeds sometimes we think we are moved by love and compassion. But in reality it is not so. When we look into the life of Jesus it was not so with Him. His love was sacrificial. Each of His action sprung from love. Today we need to become another Christ in the lives of people. That is the reason St. Paul would exhort to ‘put on Christ.’ This demands us to go out of our way. A blanket is not a blanket if it does not keep a man warm. Thus our actions are not complete, unless it bears fruit in the lives of people. May we strive towards imbibing these great virtues after the heart of Jesus the good shepherd.

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