12 Oct 2019: Word of God in our life.  


Saturday of the Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time

Readings  : Joel 4:12-21, Luke 11: 27-28

 Today, the gospel reading gives two dimensions in the life of Christians.  The first is towards the blessedness of Mother Mary and the second is to Listen to the Word of God and keep it. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is called blessed by the unnamed woman on the basis of that she is the mother of Jesus.  Jesus gently corrects and makes her understand that Mary is blessed not because she gave birth to Jesus rather he hears and keeps the Word of God all through her life.  Jesus stresses that the true blessedness does not come through hearing but through hearing and keeping.  Many of us hear the Word of God but if we do not keep the word of God then it is not effective.  Hebrew 4:2 says, “For good news came to us just as to them, but message they heard did not benefit them”.

A devotee of Mother Mary used to go for a pilgrimage to all the Marian centers. She is very pious and would do anything for Mother Mary. Once Mary appeared to her and asked, “Why are searching for me everywhere expect where I am really found?” The devotee was shocked because she believed that Mary was present in all the shrines and offered all kinds of veneration to Mary. Mother Mary replied saying, “I am present especially during the Holy Eucharist. I am just listening to God’s word during the Mass and I am standing next to the Priest who represents my son, Jesus, while breaking of the bread. You can meet both Jesus and Me during the Holy Eucharist.” The devotee understands the importance of Word of God and Mother Mary.

Mary always humbles herself and Jesus always exalts her for keeping God’ word. The true blessedness of Mother Mary does not come from sitting through church services and Sunday school lessons but from hearing and keeping the Word of God as Mother Mary did in her life.  If what we hear from Word of God does not impact the rest of our life, then it is meaningless because ‘blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it’.  Let us examine, whether we are listening and keeping the Word of God as Mary did. If not, let us ask Mother Mary to help us to develop the habit of giving importance to Word of God in our life.

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