12 Jan 2017: Let Us Experience Him


Thursday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

Heb. 3: 7-14; Ps. 95: 6-11; Mk. 1: 40-45

A Christ-Experience transforms our life. The Gospel of today presents to us a man with skin disease, healed by Christ. He is instructed not to proclaim it, but the miracle he experienced was so great that he could never be silent.

Have we experienced Christ or have we had an experience of Christ?

If so, our hearts will never allow our lips to be silent. We will proclaim to everyone that Christ touched our life and we are transformed. Hence, let us pray earnestly for the grace to experience Him. The basic criterion to achieve this end is to give priority to God. The author of the letter to the Hebrews beautifully suggests this in the first reading of the day. He exhorts us not to have an unbelieving heart. He expects us to believe in His abundant love and constant presence in life which makes us to think of Him always and to proclaim Him every moment. Let the readings of today enable us to analyse the priorities of our life that we may live the word of God and love the God who keeps the word. Also, let us support all others in this process by praying for them and by sharing with them our own experience of God. Let us get strengthened together to journey towards our Maker – the Compassionate Father.

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