11th October 2020: Chosen


Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“For many are invited but not all are chosen. (Mt. 22:14) Being chosen by God is a great privilege a person can have in his/her life. As we make a journey of faith from Genesis to Revelation, we see God’s intervention of chosing someone for a particular mission and through the instrumentality of that person the entire nation, or family is being blessed. It begins with the call of Abraham the great patriarch and continued with the election of Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Samson, Elijah, Elisha, King Soul, David, the election of disciples by Jesus and carries on even today. At times, we may think: ‘why did God choose that person? Why Jacob and not Esau?’  We cannot understand the logic behind the election of God. The only reason that we can state is His unconditional love. The question that we need to reflect is: ‘Are we sensitive enough to this special call of God?’ In today’s gospel we see, the invited guests are not sensitive enough to the king who invited them to the banquet. Therefore, host allows the strangers to partake at the banquet. However, a person comes without the wedding dress and he gets expelled from the banquet. This parable depicts Israel’s rejection of Jesus who is their expected Messiah and later on, how the new Israel is being formed including all the nations of the earth. Well, we know that God had chosen the people of Israel as his own people but they remained indifferent to the unconditional love of Yahweh and at the end God allows other nations to enjoy the banquet by extending the privilege of making them part of his kingdom. We need to make ourselves worthy of the call by responding to God’s call positively. Gracious Lord, thank you for extending your invitation to be part of the banquet of your love. Assist us with your grace that we may remain in your love and share the joy of this banquet with others. Amen.

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