10th September, 2019; Discipleship: To Live in Christ and to be Rooted in Him


Tuesday of the Twenty-third Week in Ordinary Time

Readings:  Col, 2:6-15, Lk, 6:12-19

The gospel of today narrates the call of the twelve apostles, to be His close collaborators. The history would tell us that only the capable, well to do, talented had been chosen to be disciples of a master. But something different we notice in the case of Jesus. He chooses not the best ones but those less worthy from the human point of view. We Catholics, from whatever walk of life we are maybe from, are called to be disciples of Christ. Again from human point of view we too are not worthy to be called His disciples. But God doesn’t look the way human perceives. St. Paul Writing to Colossians would exhort to practice three things in life, which I believe is the true qualification a disciple of Jesus needs to have; to live in Him, to be rooted in Him and overflow with thanksgiving. To live in Him would invite to surrender oneself at the foot of Christ and belong to Him. To be rooted in Him would invite to live the values of Christ, especially that of love and mercy. And finally, overflow with thanksgiving would call one to live a life of gratitude in Christ, who is the giver of everything. This would enable one to live a life worthy of his calling.

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