10 Oct 2019: Persevere in prayer.


Thursday of the Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time

Readings  : Malachi 3: 13-20, Luke 11: 5-13

 We are living in the busy world where we find very difficult to know each other.  I am just wondering how we can apply today’s gospel reading in the present scenario. We rarely come to know one who is in the next apartment/door. Even when our friends come to meet us, we coolly order something in Zomatto or Swiggy and finish up the concept of approaching. Even more there is no possibility to disturb the one who stays next door. Knowing real neighbor and having real friends have become difficult tasks in life. Our life has become more of “Ask online, Knock online and Search online”. When a friend disturbs his friend in the gospel, he doesn’t say ‘no’ rather he explains the practical difficulty of his situation. He did not say that he was in Whatsapp or Facebook.  What would be our answer today, when other approach for help? I am Busy. In what? Watching television or mobile or chatting, etc.

We learn for one thing, form the gospel passage, the importance of perseverance in prayer.  Immediately after reaching the disciples to pray the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus told the story of friend who was in need of bread for a visitor. The disciples just asked Him to teach them to pray and the lesson Jesus is teaching through this parable is to be persistent in prayer.  We would better understand this passage when we will be in need of something.  A person, one who is with serious sickness, meets all the doctors possible and at the end nobody gives hope. At this juncture he/she turns to God. A person, who has got all the wealth, seeks for real happiness. A person, who has got nothing in life, looks for wealth. In all these situations, how a person keeps his/her perseverance in doing. Ultimately the need of God in life comes first. Do I work on to get rid of that situation it or just leaving it once becomes tired? Jesus tells us to ask and keep on asking (Matthew: 7:7). So putting all together we see that we are to be persistent in asking for God to work in our lives and answer our prayer according to His perfect will and timing.  When we pray without ceasing and have confidence in God the benefits are many. We experience the goodness of God as we commune with Him. Let us seek His guidance to persevere in prayer.


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