10Nov 2018: Who is a faithful person?


Saturday of the Thirty-first Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Phil. 4: 10-19; Gospel: Lk. 16: 9-15

Today’s Gospel speaks of faithfulness understood in the context of dishonest manager.

Who is a faithful person? One who is steadfast and committed to ones tasks no matter what happens, and doesn’t count the lose or gain is considered faithful.

Jesus speaking about the kingdom reminds us that our fidelity must be towards God than mammon-which represents material gain. Jesus uses the example of the dishonest manager who used material things to secure his future, so that he may be welcomed by others. If this is the case with regards to our earthly life then how must be when it comes to eternal life?

Jesus invites us during this Eucharist to secure our heavenly life by being faithful to him in little ways. The first challenge is to set our priority for God.

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