10 Feb 2020; All who touched were healed


Monday Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Readings 11 Kgs 8:1-7, 9-13, Mk 6:53-56

Problems both physical and emotional are part and parcel of human life. No one can run away from it. But we all long for healing and make all the possible attempts to regain the health. It is in this context that the gospel of today presents the scene of people flocking with sick people to Jesus to experience healing. They believed that it was enough to touch the fringe of His clock to experience miracles in life. We might think, how lucky must have been the people of Jesus time. Are only the people of Jesus time were privileged to experience the healing? No. Jesus is present even today; ready to reach out to the one in need. What made the people of Jesus time experience healing was the ‘faith’ that they had.

Today we may not be able to physically touch Jesus. But we can knock at the door of His heart through our moments of time spend with Him. We finite beings have only one means to reach to the Lord, that is prayer. Prayer is the moment of intimacy with the Divine. Today our over dependency on human inventions has lessened our faith. May be we are all too busy. We may be loaded with plenty of work. But to experience genuine healing in life, we need to touch the fringe of His cloak and it is possible only if we set apart a few moments of our life to the Lord and have deep faith that He can perform miracle in my life too.

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