06 November 2018; Kingdom of God


Tuesday of the Thirty-first Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1Phil 2:5-11; Gospel Lk 14:15-24

Eating at the banquet of the Lord was considered as privilege for the people of Israel. It also meant fulfilment of the promises the Lord assured to the people of Israel. In wisdom literature banquet was partaking in the Lord’s blessing assured for those who are faithful to him.

In today’s parable the Lord represented by the king offers a banquet (kingdom of God) and invites people to be partakers and also experience the fulfilment of his promises. This call is also extended to each one of us. But the various responses people gave to this call and excused themselves call us to reflect of our response to God.

God invites us to build up his kingdom and share in his salvific plan. What our response should be is indicated in today’s first reading where Christ by his total self-emptying sets an example of the commitment required to be partakers of the Lord’s banquet (kingdom). Looking at our lives we do realise that we too like those invited excuse ourselves using our families, our work, our business etc. and are happy to enjoy the security of our comfort zone without committing ourselves to the Lord’s cause. If we don’t respond to the Lord’s call our place will be taken by others, for the Lord is capable of showing his glory through the week and lowly.

The lord desires greatly that we accept his invitation. As we participate in this Eucharistic banquet, the Jesus who completely emptied himself for our salvation and continues to do so at this moment enable us to respond to God’s call proactively and zealously.


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