03 Dec 2019: To proclaim to the whole world


Memorial of Saint Francis Xavier, Priest
Readings Is 11:1-10, Lk 10:21-24

The obligation to proclaim the Good News to the whole world is common to everyone (not merely restricted to priests and religious). This is the mission we receive by our Baptism in being anointed with the chrism oil to be a priest, prophet, and king sharing the common priesthood of Jesus Christ. Today, we celebrate the feast of one such great evangelizer, the patron of our nation, St. Francis Xavier.

Despite the invitation to celebrate his radical Christian living, the feast reminds us of our basic vocation to proclaim. Has our life become a proclamation to those around us? Have our colleagues and friends found Jesus in us? To how many have we spoken about Jesus in the past 3 months? Let us never forget that we are the salt of the earth, the light of the world and the city built on the mountain (Mt 5: 13, 14) whose presence can never be hidden.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to preach you by my life.

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