03 April 2019: To exist or not to exist – that is the question!


Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Lent

Isaiah 49:8-15; John 5:17-30

Does a mother forget her baby?

The Son can do nothing by himself!

 We understand God’s love for us often in a sentimental sense. How many songs and hymns have been composed on Is. 49! But God’s care for us, and our dependence on him are more fundamental and substantial than what the parable of a mother’s love for her baby can convey. It is a question of life and death, existence or annihilation! Let us look into it:

We think that God created everything once, ‘in the beginning’, and then creatures are on their own. A mother brings forth a child, but later the child survives alone. One candle lights another, but after that the latter burns independently of the former. A fish brings forth its young and then minds its own business. This is how we often think of God’s creative act. He created us, all right, but now we are on our own!

But think of a child in the mother’s womb, a tree’s dependence on the earth, a flame’s necessity for oxygen, a fish’s need for water. The former cannot survive for moment without the latter. Our dependence on God is like this. God does not create us ‘in the beginning’, but he creates us every moment, all the time. God’s care, and our dependence are continuous, concomitant and fundamental. Strangely on his part it is something that he freely does, purely out of Love. If he were to stop creating, creation would just stop existing! The moment oxygen stops, the flame is extinguished. That is how dependent we are on God!

These examples help us to understand the Word of God today better. A mother can afford to forget her child, but God cannot afford to forget us! This is the radical truth about our being! Jesus acknowledges this: The Son can do nothing without the Father. His connection to his Father is foundational, not just useful!

We all exist purely by Grace – Free and Infinite Love. We can even afford to forget Him, even deny that he exists. But He cannot afford to forget us for if he does, we instantly fall into the abyss of nothing-ness! God’s love is not a good sentiment. It is the most radical creative force!

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