01 Feb 2020; “Quiet and be still.”


Saturday; Third Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: 2 Sam 12: 1-7a, 10-17; Mk 4: 36-41.

Over the last couple of days, we have reflected on King David and what GOD said to him concerning his desire to build a house (temple) for GOD. We have also been touched by David’s sin with Bethsheba and his killing of her husband, Uriah. Our First Reading today is the follow up to David’s sin.

Sometimes it takes a parable (a story told about another circumstances) to confront an individual with the Truth. GOD sends the prophet Nathan to David to share the account of a rich man stealing a poor man’s only ewe-lamb in order to make David realize the evil he had done in taking Bathsheba and killing her husband, Uriah. Yet, it is not until Nathan points out that David himself is the sinner that David realizes the full extent of his own sinfulness. When confronted with the evilness of his sin, David repents and seeks forgiveness from GOD. Even with David’s heartfelt contrition and GOD’s forgiveness, David realizes there are some consequences of his sin and the fact that he must face those consequences.

As I reflect on the readings, I realize how much I am like David and the disciples. I sometimes have my eyes focused in the wrong direction so that I fail to realize the Truth. When my attention is on myself and not on the Lord Jesus, I fail to see how my actions reflect that I am not in proper relationship with GOD. This is particular true when I have selfishly followed my own desires. I become blind to fact that GOD wants to have a deeper relationship with me and will take care of the problems I have if I but look to the Lord Jesus with the expectation of GOD’s peace. As the turbulence starts to rock my boat, I become scared and scream out for help. It is the then that the Lord Jesus speaks lovingly, but challengingly, to me, telling me to refocus my attention to the divine presence with me and how I have strayed from the Truth-filled path.

As I come to the realization that the Lord Jesus is with me in the midst of life’s turbulent times (whether the storm is of my own doing or from other factors), it is then that I will experience the “peace” and calm which come from the Lord Jesus’ speaking the words, “Quiet and be still.” It is then that I can also pray the words of the psalm today and say, “O LORD, open my lips, and my mouth shall declare Your praise.”


The personal question/action for today: How has my own sinfulness clouded my vision of GOD’s desire to be with me? Can I think of a time when a parable or a story spoke clearly to me in my current situation? How have I let the storminess around me make me lose focus to Jesus’ presence with me? Is there a person to whom I can be a source of peace and a reassurance of GOD’s loving and forgiving presence with that person?


May you continue to be open to GOD’s Word, which challenges and also comforts.

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