7th May 2020; God’s Saving Action


Thursday of the Fourth Week of Easter

Acts.13:13-25, Jn 13:16-20

“The favours of the Lord i will sing forever.” The first reading of today narrates the incident of St. Paul speaking out to the people the entire salvation story, beginning from the call of Israel and its fulfillment in Jesus the Saviour. God worked wonders in the lives of people through various means, at various situations and circumstances and St. Paul makes the early believers aware of it.

The entire salvation history that the Bible presents, reminds each one of us that there is also a salvation history of our own too. That God has also worked wonders in our own life too. Hence, the readings of today exhorts each us to recall to mind, God’s saving action in our own lives. We are all aware of the invitation of the Pope to, ‘look back to the past with gratitude.’ God has acted in and through our life and all glory belongs to Him and the call given to us is to look back to our own past with a token of gratitude. We are all affected very much by the Pandemic Covid-19. Even in this terrifying situation, are we ready to think of God’s saving action of past and believe that He can still work wonders in and through our lives?

May the risen Lord grant us the grace to look to our own story of salvation and thank Him for His marvels in our day today life. Amen.

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