The Most Powerful Woman on Earth

Velázquez: Coronación de la Virgen. Madrid, Prado.

Today the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Marcy.  In December 2015 the National Geographic Magazine did a cover story on Mary with the title, “Mary: the Most Powerful Woman in the World.”  Although she died about two thousand years ago, she still holds sway over the hearts of millions of people.  And if we may say so, she is regularly in the news. She has appeared ten times on the cover of the prestigious Time weekly news magazine since it was started in 1923.

To be powerful is to have the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of event.  What makes Mary the most powerful woman in the world?  Why do millions flock to her shrines? What gives her the capacity to influence us?  She obviously is capable of influencing us because she is the Mother of God. Apart from that,  she has the capacity to influence us because she is most like us. Each one of us can see our joys and sorrows reflected in her.  So, we feel that she is on our side, she understands us, she can help us. We find it easy to identify ourselves with her. Therefore, we feel drawn to her.  It is her everydayness, her ordinariness, her oneness with us that makes her the most powerful woman on earth.

It will certainly benefit us to entrust ourselves to Mary, the most powerful woman on earth.

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