Mind to Matter



“Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality,”(published 2018) is the title of a book by Dawson Church.  In it he draws on research in such diverse areas such as epigenetics, neuroscience, electromagnetism, psychology, cymatics (the study of wave phenomena), public health, and quantum physics and shows that “thoughts can indeed be profoundly creative,”  that thoughts can create reality.

This does not mean that every thought that you think becomes a material reality.   It means that when you change your mind, you send new signals through the neural pathways of your brain, producing profound and immediate changes in the atoms and molecules of your bodies, altering the energy fields all around you, interacting with the fields of others,  bringing about a change in the reality around you (p. xii, 41).  We know that “Whole societies have been changed by a change of mind in a single person. In every age, there are people who have asked, ‘Why?’ and ‘Does it have to be this way?’ and ‘How can we do things differently?’ Even if they’re facing a social condition that has been unchanged for centuries, the mind of a single person is sometimes able to change the matter of an entire society” (p.37).

Dawson Church shows that each one of us has the capacity to direct our thoughts in such a way as to bring about the reality that we want, be it a beautiful garden, a computer, justice in the world or peace.


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