God is Very Fond of You


In one of his books Edward Farrell narrates the following incident: A priest was walking down the country road.  Suddenly it began to rain. To take shelter from the rain he climbed on to the veranda of a building that was there on the roadside.  Eventually, some other people also climbed on to the veranda to escape the rain. The people exchanged a few words in the beginning and then became silent. Then an elderly man pulled out a well-thumped book from his pocket and started praying.  When the rain stopped and the people began moving away one by one, the priest approached this elderly man and said, “I see you praying. You must be loving God very much.” The elderly man, with a gentle smile on his face responded, “Yes, He is very fond of me!”

God is very fond of you. The Gospel of Mark tells us that Jesus looked at the rich young man and “loved him” (Mk 10:21).  He loves every young person.

He loves you!  

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