Being Grateful Changes Life



In our recent posts we have been saying that through our thoughts we can create the reality that we want.  John Kralik’s life is an example of this.

John Kralik was the owner of a small law firm.  But at the age of 53 he found that his law firm was failing, he was drawing distant from his children, he was overweight, he was living in a poor house and his dream of becoming a judge would never become a reality.

Hiking desperately in the hills on the New Year’s Day in 2008 he felt that his life might become better if he focused on what he had, rather than on what he did not have.  Inspired by what his grandfather had told him about writing thank-you notes, Kralik decided to write one thank-you note each day, for the rest of the year, for things that he was grateful for.

Kralik began by writing thank-you notes to the persons who had sent him Christmas gifts.  Then he wrote thank-you notes to his co-workers.  When he ran out of co-workers, he began writing to former business associates,  college friends, doctors, store clerks, handymen, neighbours, and anyone who did him a good turn.

As Kralik continued writing these notes, things began to change for him:  i) He realized that he did not have such a bad life as there were so many people helping him. ii) His interactions with others changed.  To the question, “how are you?” instead of complaining, he would respond by speaking about the positive experience that had prompted him to send the ‘thank-you’ note on the previous day. iii) He began to find something to be grateful for even in difficult situations.  For example, he felt grateful to his estranged wife, as she was taking good care of their daughter.

As time went by Kralik’s finances improved, he found new friends, he lost weight, and experienced inner peace.  Eventually he became a judge in the Los Angeles Superior Court.  His book, “365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life,” is a touching memoir of how gratitude changed his life.  When Kralik changed his thoughts the reality changed for him.  Thoughts create reality!

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