Effects of Moderate Use of Alcohol

Effect on Health

If we read through the studies about the effects of moderate drinking on health we notice that the opinions are divided.  While it has been found that a small amount of alcohol is good for the heart as well as for memory, especially in older people, these benefits are offset by the many problems it can give rise to (e.g. unnecessary calories, possibility of addiction).  Alcohol itself contains no vitamins or minerals. Therefore, the higher the alcohol content of a drink, the lower the amount of available nutrients in it. While alcohol has no nutritional value it introduces unnecessary calories into the body.  A single shot (1.5 ounce) of hard liquor contains between 100 and 200 calories. Beer and wine average around 150 calories per serving.  When all the effects of alcohol are taken together there is hardly anyone who holds that moderate drinking over a long period of time is good for health


Even those who say that moderate drinking is beneficial for health advise non-drinkers not to enter into the habit of drinking thinking of its possible benefits. In other words, the risks outweigh the possible benefits.

We may summarise the overall effect of alcohol on health in the words of  the statutory warning found even on beer bottles (beer contains only about 5% alcohol): “Drinking is injurious to health.”

(to be continued)


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