15 Feb 2018 Listen to what children are saying today


In our work as educators, we have had plenty of opportunities to interact with young people and it is indispensable that parents and educators take time to listen to what children between the age group of 11-15 in India are saying today.  They do appreciate their parents and elders even if they do not express it always.  Here are some of their statements:

  • When we are asked to take care of our younger siblings allow us to scold them.
  • You work so hard for us but we irritate you often and especially during our examinations you give up your own entertainment. We want you to enjoy your life.
  • We would like to ask forgiveness from you, our parents, because sometimes when we short tempered we answer back.
  • The money our parents earn with so much dedication we don’t want them to spend it all on us but also to care for themselves.
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