09 Jan 2019: Constant Presence of God in Our Trials


Wednesday after Epiphany

Reading 1 1 Jn 4:11-18;GospelMk 6:45-52


Today I would like to reflect with you on the intervention of Jesus in the life of each one of us, especially in our sufferings. Of course, many of us have encountered hard situations in life. Let us think one such.  What was our response during those moments? Did we lose hope? Did we turn back to God? Did we encounter God in such situations? I would say every one of us would have felt the presence of God, because God watches over us even when we are unaware.  The gospel reading of today presents something similar: we read that Jesus walked towards the Apostles, when He saw them straining to oar against the adverse wind. But the apostles did not recognize Jesus. Fear blinded them and they did not recognise Jesus. But Jesus did not leave them, He said to them, “Fear not it is I.” When they took Jesus into the boat the wind ceased.  Jesus intervened in that situation to bring the apostles safe to the shore.

We do face difficult situations in our life and most often we are filled with fear during those moments, because we fail to recognize Jesus (as the apostles of today’s gospel reading). Jesus always comes to our aid but most often we fail to recognize Him. He comes to our aid through other people, but we don’t recognize Him. Jesus does not leave us just like that; he solves the problem and gives us relief and calmness. If we really sit back and reflect on the hardest situations that we faced in our life, we would surely realize the saving presence of Jesus during those moments. When we begin to recognize Jesus, our storms (suffering and problems)will disappear and we experience divine presence.

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