13 July 2019; To His Loving Embrace


Saturday of the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Readings: Gen 49: 29-33, 50: 15-26a, Mt 10: 24-33 

God is often addressed as Omnipotent, Omniscient etc.  It has been a great belief that God knows all that happens and one cannot hide from Him. When we were small parents would remind us when we do some mischief that God sees it and will punish. Mamma Margaret would tell little Johny (St. John Bosco), “God sees you.”  That’s exactly what we read in today’s gospel. Jesus goes on to the extent of saying that he has count of every hair on our head. In Old Testament God is presented as waiting to punish. But the New Testament Lord is one who is all forgiving, despite the fact that He knows every one of our shortcomings. This posits a call to approach Him in all simplicity, as a broken pot that only could be put together with the Divine mercy of God, instead of hiding from Him. It’s an invitation that God gives to each one of us that we may enjoy the embrace of God, when we return back to the heavenly kingdom.

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