23 April 2017: My Lord and my God!


Second Sunday of Easter

Reading1: Acts.2:42-47 Ps.118: 2-24; Reading 2:1 pt. 3-9; Gospel: Jn. 20: 19-31

“My Lord and my God!”

Thomas is often referred to as the ‘doubting Thomas’.  That’s because he refused to believe until he personally saw the risen Jesus.  While this incident does say much about the conviction level of Thomas, it also speaks much about the convincing level of the remaining apostles.  After all, Thomas spent three years in the company of these men.  He ought to have learned to trust and respect them, as companions.  But even after all those adventures they had together, the witness of the remaining apostles was not enough to convince Thomas.

More than being like Thomas, who had the guts to openly acknowledge his doubts and seek confirmation for what he was asked to believe in, we are like the remaining apostles.  Firm in belief, but hardly convincing enough for those who know us, even those close to us.  Of course, there are some who do not bother to notice or blindly refuse, just for the heck of it.  But not always can the blame be labelled on others.

Thomas’ declaration and transformation led him to travel across the globe and even to martyrdom in India, as a testament of his undying love for Jesus. This Divine Mercy Sunday offers us a good challenge to ask ourselves as to how deep is our faith and how genuine a witness are we to the risen Lord.

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