Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord

Reading 1: Dn. 7: 9-10, 13-14; Reading 2: 2 pt. 1: 16-19; Gospel: Mt. 17: 1-9

A mountain is the traditional place where divine revelations happen. Moses for
instance, has his first encounter with God on Horeb – the mountain of God (Ex
3, 1). We read in Ex 24, 12 and 13 that Moses went up Mount Sinai to
encounter the glory of God. The mountain was shrouded in smoke, there were
peels of thunder and it shook violently when the glory of God appeared. Years
later Prophet Elijah encountered God on the same mountain, but now in the
form of a gentle breeze.

The Gospel today tells us that Jesus took with him Peter James and John and
led them up a high mountain. There Jesus’ glory is revealed to them, and they
hear a heavenly voice that proclaim, this is my beloved Son, with whom I am
well pleased; listen to Him.

Years ago, if the Lord took the three disciples to a high mountain, today the
Lord has taken us all to a high mountain: to mount Calvary, to the cross, to the
upper room. He has invited us to this church, to this altar to share in the
banquet he has prepared. Here, today, the bread is going to be transformed,
transfigured into the body of Christ; the wine is going to be transfigured into
the blood of Christ. The Lord is going to reveal his glory to us, reveal himself to

Dear friends it’s not enough that we witness this transformation; that we bear
witness to this transfiguration. We too need to be transformed today through
our participation in this Eucharist.

Transfiguration dear friends was only a glimpse, a prelude to the future glory.
Jesus had to pass through his passion and death to the glory of the
resurrection. Participation in the death and resurrection of the Lord in the
Eucharistic celebrations is our own sure way to transformed lives.

May we see his glory today in the Eucharist, and may we be transformed into
his likeness through our participation in the Eucharist.

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