22 April 2017: With Great Power Come Great Responsibility



Saturday in the Octave of Easter

Reading 1: Acts. 4: 13-21; Ps. 118: 1-21; Gospel: Mk. 16: 9-15

The years of formation or preparation we have before we take up a life-long calling is just the tip of the whole gamut.  To think that the six to ten years leading to ordination or final profession are anything but enough for a lifetime of spirituality is immature!  Jesus spent three years with the apostles, day in and day out.  Yet after three days of His absence, they are back to square one.  He appears to them and reproaches them for their incredulity and obstinacy in not believing those who had seen Him after he had risen.  Perhaps they were thinking that if at all the resurrection was true, He would have appeared to them first.  After all, they were His closest associates for the last three years!

If at all, as priests and religious, we live under this great misunderstanding that the call to priestly or religious life is a great vocation and thereby bestows on us great powers, then let us at least also have the complementary understanding that with great power come great responsibility.  The Lord is always gracious enough to send us reminders, often through simple people and instances.  Let us, therefore, be open to His reminders and not wait for His reproach.

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