Why do you seek the Lord?


Monday of Holy Week

Reading 1:Is 42:1-7; Gospel: Jn 12:1-11

We have already set foot into the Holy Week – a week in which we contemplate on the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – in short – on the love of God for humanity. In this context the Gospel reading of today poses a very significant question to all of us. ‘Why do you seek the Lord?’

We come across Judas Iscariot, the apostle of Jesus who was also in charge of money. Looking at Mary using the nard on Jesus, Judas became upset and inquired why the money was not utilized for the benefit of the poor. The Word of God clearly tells us that the intention of Judas was not genuine – his desire was not to help the poor but to help himself. In truth, he seems to have followed Jesus for personal gain which culminated in his betrayal of Jesus for mere thirty pieces of silver. There were other Jews who came not see Jesus alone but to behold Lazarus who was brought back to life by Jesus. They came to witness something that they had only heard and were amazed at it. They sought Jesus due to a sense of wonder. There was another group, namely, the chief priests, who sought Jesus in order to kill him. It is indeed shocking to hear that they even wanted to kill Lazarus, since many believed in Jesus on his account.

All the above mentioned people sought Jesus for their own selfish interests. It is pretty much the same story today. We seek the Lord only because of our selfish desires. We pray to Him because we stand in need. Look at all those things we implore of the Lord: employment, marriage, children, money, health, etc. If we had no need, would we ever seek the Lord is a significant question we need to ponder upon. It is only a very small negligible percentage of people who seek the Lord because He is God – the Creator. The rest of us only run to Him because we need something from Him.

In such a context, Mary stands as a model for all people. She sought the Lord purely out of her love for Him. She did not expect any favours from Him. She did not worry about the money, people’s cynicism and the like. She was only worried about seeking the Lord with a genuine heart and to offer her love for Him. Understanding this, Jesus defended her before the crowd. Jesus expects us to do the same.

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