02-10-2018; Who is Greatest in the Kingdom of God?


Memorial of the Guardian Angels

Reading 1 Job 3:1-3, 11-17, 20-23; Gospel Mt 18:1-5, 10

In the book of Exodus we see the marvelous deeds of God in the lives of people. Moses through the power of God redeemed the people of Israel from the Egyptians slavery and gave them an identity as God’s chosen. Now that they are free, God wanted them to be obedient and to keep His commandments in order to inherit the Promised Land and joy it brings. Now who can be part of this promise? The answer is simple, only the one who is with the heart of a Child. One who is submissive, obedient, trustworthy, sincere, surrendering, and truthful only will enter into God’s Promised Land.

This same idea reflects in the Gospel too. Jesus asks His disciples to be like a child in order to be with angels of God who are in heaven.  Generally human being thinks in terms of greatness that gives him fame and glory where as Jesus thinks in terms of goodness and total surrender to the Father. The one who does the will of God and follow His precepts and commandments surely will inherit the kingdom. Are we prepared to have His Kingdom in our lives? Or else are we running away with the worldly pleasures? Let us examine and see how far we are preparing ourselves to receive Him and His Promised Land.  

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