To those who have more will be given


Jesus brought about the kingdom of God with values that contrasted those that the world upheld. He upheld compassion, justice, mercy and authentic discipleship. But today Jesus seems to oppose that which he proclaimed. To those who have, more will be given and from those who do not even what they have will be taken away. On the face, this seems to contradict his teachings. But let us understand this in the context of todays readings.

In the Old Testament reading, we see how the Israelites loved the Lord and were faithful to Him. He blessed them and then they went away from him. He accuses them of mainly two faults, of forsaking him and of digging broken cisterns i.e. building their lives on false Gods and on sureties that was devoid of God’s grace and mercy. Hence in the Gospel Jesus when asked about why he spoke in parables, he indicates how Israel when given everything were unable to reciprocate that love back and remain loyal to the Lord. Hence those who “have” does not refer to physical/ earthly understanding of possession but the divine attitude of the beatitudes. Those who “have” these values such as pure in heart, willingness to stand for the Gospel, compassion and others will tend to be docile and sensitive to the kingdom values and receive in abundance. Those who lack these will decay as the Israelites did and slowly lose those qualities and initial fervour that they had.

We undergo several moments of renewal. It may be a retreat, a confession or a book. It wakens us up to greater intimacy with the Lord and are taken up by it. But sustaining it and truly benefiting from it will only come when we learn to possess that which is truly important i.e. the heart and mind of Jesus Christ. Then we will go deeper into understanding the height and the depth of the mystery of Jesus that will suffice along our journey towards meeting him in heaven.

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