The Vine and the Branches


Wednesday of Fifth Week of Easter

Reading 1: Act. 15: 1-6; Gospel: Jn 15: 1-8

The Gospel of today offers the analogy of the vine and the branches.

From what Jesus describes we can learn a lot. Here, I list a few.

A lot is done by the vinedresser to ensure abundant fruit in the vine: He grows it, He takes away the branches that do not bear fruit, He prunes the branches that bear fruit, He throws out the branches, He collects the withered branches and burns them, etc. But, there is just one thing that is expected of a branch: to remain in the vine and to bear fruit.

What is expected of every believer is to remain with Him in order to bear fruit. The Gospel clearly tells us that the branches which do not bear fruit are taken away, thrown outside and burnt. The prerequisite to bear fruit is to remain with Him. When this connectivity is established, the result is bountiful. Let us realize, dear friends that our fruitfulness depends on our continuous and constant connectivity with the Lord. Let not the analogy remain a concept. Let us personalize it. Let us get attached to Him. Let us resolve to spend at least 15 minutes with Him every day.

Remember, the fruits we bear depend on the stem to which we are attached. If our fruits do not exhibit holiness and righteousness, then we are indeed connected, not to the Real Vine, but to the contrary.

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