07 Dec 2016: Take my Yoke upon You


Wednesday, 2nd Week of Advent

Reading 1. Is. 40: 25-31; Ps. 103: 1-10; Gospel. Mt. 11: 28-30

Though we consider the gospel passage of today as a portrayal of a compassionate Jesus who gives rest to the weary and comfort for those who are burdened, a closer reading will reveal that the comfort and the rest that Jesus offers is quite different from what we normally think of. Soon after inviting the weary and burdened, Jesus doesn’t assure them a removal of their reason of suffering and burden but tells them to take his yoke upon them. After inviting people to take rest, Jesus speaks about the easiness of his yoke and his burden. What is the yoke of Christ? His yoke is the cross. Cross represents several things. First of all cross represents an acceptance of the situation. Jesus accepted the Jewish society of his times as well as the sinful condition of the humanity at large. But cross is not mere acceptance but a determination to change the situation. Though Jesus accepted the humanity as it is, his death on the cross symbolizes his determination to change the situation of sinfulness by his public ministry which culminates in the supreme atonement on the cross. Thirdly cross also is a symbol of humble submission to the Father. “Father take away this chalice but not my will but thy will be done.” In our life too there are reasons for being weary and burdensome. First we ought to accept the fact of the situation. But this acceptance is not a passive resignation but should be accompanied by a will and sincere effort to change the situation. But at the end of all there is also a submission to God’s will.

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