15 Feb 2017: Spiritual Blindness


Wednesday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Gen. 8 : 6-13; 20-22; Ps. 116: 12-19; Gospel: Mk.  8: 22-26

In today’s gospel we hear of a unique miracle of Jesus, the healing of blind man. We see how Jesus anticipates and makes the healing in two stages. At first the blind man receives the sight partially wherein he is able to see things blurred, but at the second touch of Jesus he is able to see things clearly. This unique way of healing had some message to be passed on to the disciples who were watching all that was happening. The gospel passages before and after would give us a hint that disciples too suffered from a blindness which was not physical but spiritual. They though saw Jesus performing miracles one after another they acted as if they had eyes but could not see and were not able to perceive who Jesus was. Thus through the healing of this blind man Jesus wants help the disciples to recover from their spiritual blindness.

Like the disciples and the man in the gospel we too are “blind” in many ways. We have been touched and spittle has been on our eyes and yet blindness still overshadows us most of the time. As did the disciples we too have seen and experienced who Jesus is in our life and surely each one of us have experienced  how great Jesus  is. Unfortunately, various reasons and situations have caused us to remain blind at times. It could be our fear, anger, guilt, temptations and so on. Today, this gospel is inviting each one of us to have clear eyes by allowing Jesus to touch us.

Let our eyes be opened!

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