30 Oct 2017: Our Priorities Determine Our Personalities


Monday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Rom. 8: 12-17; Gospel: Lk. 13: 10-17

The Gospel reading presents to us three different personalities.

The crippled woman and the People Witnessing the miracle – A realistic grateful Personality: The crippled woman in the crowd was not aware of what has happened to her. She never knew that she could be cured or freed. But her priority was clear: to listen to God’s word – that should had been the reason for her to be present in the synagogue. When the powerful word and the healing touch of Jesus reached her, things changed drastically. A silent observer became a proclaimer. She began praising God for the wonder. In our life too, the eagerness to know, the desire to listen and the zeal to understand the Word of God will enable us to witness miracles, experience the presence and the power of God and become powerful proclaimers of the same.

Leader of the Synagogue and the opponents of Jesus – A criticising and a closed personality: The priority of the leader of the synagogue was to fulfil the duty and to be contended with that. In Jesus the greatest prophesies were being fulfilled, but the eyes of him was always closed: a lack of openness prevented him to witness a great miracle, a great personality – the Messiah Himself. As we live our life, we may be lost in just fulfilling our duties and carry on with our life. But there is a danger of resulting in the personality of the leader of the synagogue. Beware!

Jesus Christ – A Constructive Personality: Jesus had concern for life – a concern for the good of the person. He was sensitive toward the deep longing of the person to be freed – a longing lasting for 18 years. He was ready to be involved in the situation. This importance offered to that lady increased her faith, enabled her to praise God more and to become a witness. In fact, Jesus was a cause for the woman to begin a new life. His priority for life and the good of others exhibited a constructive personality that brought forth new life and increased the faith.

Now, where do we stand? Are we just satisfied with the minimum, by just fulfilling our duties and thus resulting with the personality of the leader of the synagogue? Or, are we eager and open enough to listen, read and understand the Word of God that makes us witnesses to the love of Christ? Above all, are we concerned about others, as Jesus? We are all invited to put on the mind of Christ (1 Corr 2:16). Let His priorities become our own, let His personality become our own and let Christ be formed in our hearts day by day.

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