March 2: Let the little children come to me


Little children evokes various sentiments in each one of us. Today Jesus evokes a particular image of a child not just to teach the disciples a lesson but to place before us a model of discipleship.

Does Jesus ask us to abandon our reason when we look for him? Do we have to be naive in order to reach him? A child in itself is not naive but in relation to those around it. A child looks in wonder, sits in awe at the reality it does not comprehend and accepts it, tries to learn more about it unsure whether it will fully comprehend or understand and yet tries to grasp. This is our call as disciples.

Our world today teaches us and shows us that everything that be understand and the cause behind reality is gradually being discovered. But the more we move towards such an understanding, the more alienation that people today feel inside, the more the need to connect with a higher power.

The analogy of the faith of a child cannot be dismissed as a primitive faith or that of immaturity. It is the faith that is open, that has acceptance and receptiveness to that which is beyond as a cornerstone and humility unbounded as its primary principle. May this be our attitude and the desire of our hearts.

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