Love of God and Love of Neighbour; 10-01-2019


Thursday after Epiphany

Reading 11 Jn 4:19–5:4; Gospel Lk 4:14-22

In the first reading of the day, taken from the first letter of St. John,we read thus: “The commandment we have from him is this: those who love God must love their brothers and sisters also.”This commandment is not the creation of the author of the letter, rather, given by God Himself. When Jesus was asked which the greatest commandment was, He added the love of neighbour as a supplement to the first and the prime commandment of love of God. Also, the Scripture says: “Those who say ‘I love God,’ and hate their brothers or sisters, are liars.” The love we have for God should and will be expressed in our love for neighbour.

Loving the neighbour means serving our brothers and sisters who are in need in our midst. How to practice this love of neighbour in our day today life? We can start practicing from our own family, communities, friends and so on. Let us take our Family: How do we show our love or share the joy of love with the family members? How do we show our care and concern to our parents, siblings, and friends? How do we treat the stranger? Our service should start from our family and then move to the society, nation, etc. I don’t really love God, when I hate my brother who is earning more than me. I don’t love God, when I try to spoil the name of my friend. So let us start loving our brothers and sisters unconditionally, proving our sincere love for God. God is not so much pleased with the donation that we give to the church; but, He is pleased by the help we do to feed the hungry, to educate the uneducated, cloth the naked, etc. So, let us reflect whether weare able to really love and serve our family members, friends and the persons who are in need? If ‘yes’ let us thank God for it and if ‘no’ then let us resolve to live as God wants us to live from today by loving God in sincerity and by loving our brothers and sisters as ourselves.





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