12 Dec 2016: Lord! Make Us Know Your Ways


Monday, Third Week of Advent

1st Reading: Num 24:2-7,15-17a; Gospel: Mt 21:23-27

Balaam, the prophet invited to curse the people of Israel, realized the glory of God and the mighty plans the Lord God had for the people of Israel. Indeed, instead of cursing, he began to bless. His blessing held all the greatest possible goodness for the people of God. He understood the way of the Lord and responded to it.

Sometime, our failure to understand the way of the Lord will make us people who act tirelessly against the plans of God. Jesus Christ came on earth to save us from sins and to offer us eternal life – a life in union with God. But, the people around (especially those who always thought they were right) acted against Him, questioned Him and plotted to kill Him. One of the expressions of this desire is the questioning of Jesus’ authority. But God knew how to answer them. With a simple counter-argument He silenced them and made them understand that they were on the wrong path.

At various moments in our lives, when we don’t know what we are and where we are proceeding our questions will be similar. When we attempt to make our desired ways as God’s own way, we too will act just like the people around Jesus. We need to know the right and righteous way that leads us to God. But our limited knowledge is weak and undependable. Hence, Let us pray with the psalmist: “Lord, make me know your ways”. With His guidance we will never err. In His presence we will never sin. With Him for guide we will ever be holy.

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