02 Dec 2016: Lord I Believe You Can Do This


Friday, 1st Week of Advent

Reading 1. Is. 29:17-24; Ps. 27:1, 4, 13-14; Gospel. Mt. 9: 27-31

A man went for mountain climbing, towards the evening. When he reached almost top of the mountain He slipped and fell. Fortunately the rope around his waist stuck between the rock and he was hanging there between the life and death. Frantic and frightened he prayed to God, “God save me”. God answered him. “My dear son, just untie the rope from your waist”. Cursing God for these irresponsible words and not helping him in times of needs he did not listen to the voice of the Lord. After few days rescue workers found his body frozen to death. He was only one feet above from the ground.

“Do you believe I can do this”? The gospel of today is centered on the question, “do you believe in me”? Let us sit at the presence of the Lord and listens to the voice of the Lord “do you believe I can do this? The answer for this question will be revealed through our lives. The one who has complete trust in the Lord will be the doer of faith. He will be the witness of Jesus. A witness who talks faith, walks in faith and lives the faith. The faith in God is the guarantee for his existence here on earth and the life to come. After healing the blind men we see Jesus sternly warning them not to tell anyone about all this. But, they talked about him all over the countryside. Is it disobedience? A disobedience to the will of God, answers can be yes and no. But I would say no, this is not an act of disobedience, this is an act of sharing the experience of God. St. Philip Neri had his own personal experience of God and he could not but share the experience of God with the others. We are called to share our experience our experience of God with others, a sharing through our community life, friends, prayer etc. But often we fail in this mission, because most of us have not had the experience of Jesus. To have this experience we need to scribble in our hearts the conforming words, “Lord we believe that you can do this”. We are not physically blind but we are spiritually blind, a blindness which blur our view to see the plan and will of God. let us earnestly pray to God that he may heal of our spiritual blindness that we may see the world as God wanted us to see, that we may walk as God wanted us to walk and that we may guide many to the presence of Lord holding them with the hands of faith, and walking on the footsteps of the Lord.

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