HESED: The Compassionate Face of God. 16-02-2019.


Saturday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1Gn 3:9-24; Gospel Mk 8:1-10

The first reading of the Day narrates to us how the happy mood of the creation activity became one of the most disastrous due to the sin committed by our first parents. They were thrown out of the Garden of Eden and received terrible punishments as consequences to their offence against God. The entire Old Testament would portray a God who is angry, taking revenge, and waiting to punish men for their sins. Hence in the New Testament Jesus Christ the son of God, one who is one with the father and spirit shows us the compassionate face of the father. God sent his son to this world because he loved human beings so much.

The Gospel reading of the day taken from Mark portrays the incident of the multiplication of loaves. Jesus was moved and he had compassion on the multitude that stayed with him to listen to him and to be cured from their numerous illnesses. Jesus demands his disciples to bring food for the great multitude gathered over there. We the followers of Jesus too receive the same invitation to feed all those who starve. The starvation would consist not only the physical needs instead it could be spiritual as well. Am I moved enough to reach out to people in their needs? Do I have compassion for the people who suffer from difficulties and pain?


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