God Sees Our Hearts


Monday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Gen 4:1-15, 25; Ps. 50: 1- 21; Gospel: Mk 8:11-13

We celebrate birthdays, jubilees, weddings, anniversaries and others special occasions. We would like to gift something to our friends and loved once on these special occasions. By gifting something special to someone we show our love and concern towards that individual. We also make offerings and donations on various occasions and for various purpose.

Today’s scriptural reading speaks about gifts and offering. It speaks of the story of two brothers namely Cain and Abel. The story too speaks of two brothers offering to God. Cain offered the fruits of the soil and Abel offered first born of his flock and some fat as well. As we know, the offering of one brother was accepted by God and the other brothers offering was rejected. Why so? What so special about it? In any case both made the offerings? We have to take into account two important aspect

  1. Attitude in offering:

Cain offered the gifts as a duty, whereas Abel offered something best which he had, the firstling of the flock. Cain was proud and of unbelieving heart, whereas Abel considered himself as a sinner, and obedient person. It is an invitation to each one of us to examine our attitude and motives when we make an offering to someone whether the offering and gift is for an individual or to Church.

  1. What God wants:

The offering of Cain was rejected probably because God found him as a proud and selfish person. God accepted the offering of Abel because he was humble, faithful, obedient and open to God. When we pray to God, it is good to examine our real motives and intentions. Often we look at it from our own perspectives and do not think what God wants to from us.

God looks at our heart and does not see what we give but how we give.

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