Do I make compromises with evil things? 15-02-2019.


Friday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1 Gn 3:1-8; Gospel Mk 7:31-37

The first reading of the day taken from the book of Genesis continues with the creation story and explains to us the life of Man and Woman in the Garden of Eden and how they were cheated by the serpent and committed sin. The little excuse or rather compromise made by our first mother Eve became a cause of sin entering the world and which affected the entire humanity and we too are prone to evil and its effects. Apparently assessing we might wonder about the seriousness of the crime that our first parents had committed. After all it was only a matter of fruit. But imagine that God had given them everything and He too placed only a small condition before them and they failed to keep the word finding an excuse for themselves and one blaming the other. Did God completely abandon us since we sinners? No. The gospel reading would prove this.

The Gospel reading would narrate to us the compassionate face of God, who is ready to forgive everything and ever willing to do whatever we require. We sin and deviate from God’s ways but God is ever in search of the lost ones. Often we don’t realize the power of God and we fail to ask God for the assistance to attain various graces in life. Jesus had to say only a single word “Ephphata”-be opened and thus the deaf man could hear. Do I approach Jesus in times of trouble believing in His great miraculous power?

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