07 Mar 2017: Calling daddy!!


Tuesday in the First Week of Lent

Reading 1: Is. 55: 10-11; Ps. 34: 4-19; Gospel: Mt. 6: 7-15

In today’s scripture passage Jesus gives us a beautiful prayer: Our father. In Judaism, God is called Yahweh and the Jews were so scrupulous of profaning the name of the Lord that they called him as Adonai and the like instead of Yahweh. It is here that Jesus makes a radical change by calling him Abba! Daddy! The relationship between Father and the son is unique. Whatever happens, the father doesn’t cease to be a father and a son doesn’t cease to be a son. Very often we fail to grasp this aspect of God – as a loving daddy. We offer worship and praise God and consider him as someone above us. This was the Old Testament understanding. “We have seen the face of God and we shall die.” But the New Testament speaks of a complete different approach towards God: he is a father. God is not a deity sitting high above ready to punish when we go wrong and to reward for good works done. Rather he is a loving father who knows what it means to be a father. Jesus was one who understood completely the fatherhood of God. He called out to his father every moment of his life even in bitter agony in the garden because he had such a close relationship with the father. In the gospel of John we see him thanking the father, and at Calvary we see him complaining to the father. His relationship with the father was so profound. Our father addresses us in the same way he addressed Jesus at baptism: “This is my son, my beloved.” But through our lives do we become worthy sons and daughters of this father? Can God our father looking at us, say, as he said about Jesus, “I am well pleased with you?” While reflecting on the fatherhood of God this gospel passage invites us to look into our own sonship.  Through our lives is our daddy glorified? Do we bring honour to father through our faithful Christian life or do we put him to shame?

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