A Life of Witness


We often find ourselves in spaces where we question our uniqueness or the reason for our existence. We look at famous individuals or even our peers and see how they have succeeded and ask maybe why have I not been able to be someone unique. Further when we begin to understand the finitude of life we  begin to question our purpose and destiny.


In today’s gospel Jesus asks us a question that could lead us along the path towards understanding our purpose and destiny. He uses the allegory of the salt and asks if it loses its purpose if it has any value.


Our purpose is not achievement or success though these do satisfy us. We are called to be authentic to ourselves. Our purpose is to understand who we are as children of God. We are called to be individuals who care, love and cherish ourselves and others. We are invited by Jesus not to seek after that which satisfies us but that which allows us to be instruments of God’s love.

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