A Call to Examine Your Inner Dispositions. 13-02-2019.


Wednesday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1 Gn 2:4B-9, 15-17; Gospel Mk 7:14-23

The first reading is from the book of Genesis and we have a beautiful description of how God created all what is in the heaven and on earth. He established a garden with all the good things in it and put man in it to enjoy the beauty of creation. Man lacked nothing in the garden. He was really happy and glad for the numerous things he enjoyed. God gave him everything but placed before him a tiny condition that man shall not eat from a single tree. But we see how an unwanted element turned to be a necessity for man. Man could be happy there and be contented even without the fruit of the life giving tree which God forbade him from eating. The intention of man was wrong because he desired to be like God. A creature longing to become the creator is nothing less than foolishness.

In the gospel reading Jesus would again remind us that it’s not what goes into a man that defiles him instead what comes from within. The wrong intentions of the heart are what defiles a person and a number of sins are listed in the same passage that causes self destruction of an individual. It is said that when a murderer kills someone, the first killing takes place in the mind and physical killing takes place only after that. That means even before committing a murder the murderer ponders in his heart as to how he should execute his plans. Let us examine and if needed re-examine our conscience before we do each action whether they are pleasing in the sight of God.

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