7 July, 2017: God Sees the Hearts


Friday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time 

Reading 1: Gn 23.1-4,19;24.1-8,62-67; Gospel: Mt. 9.9-13.

Today’s gospel speaks about the call of Matthew, the tax collector.  Surprisingly the gospel also speaks about many other tax collectors and sinners who followed Jesus and they had meals with him. As usual, Pharisees criticized Jesus for having dined with the tax collectors and sinners. Most often people criticize when they see someone (sinners, drunkards, sick people,) following the good path or if they are with some good people. Here most often the people who criticize think that they are more righteous than others. They often speak about the same to get the popularity and acceptance of others. But then, it is very clear that Jesus sees the inner self of a person rather than his or her outward appearances. All the judgment that we make are not always right. Without knowing the intention of an act, one should never judge a person; for everything that we see, need not be right, or the outward appearances may not reveal the true person.

Therefore, let us not become persons who judge others by their profession or appearances, but, a person who is close to the heart of Jesus and appreciate the good that is done by them.

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