7 December, 2017: Committing to the Lord


Thursday of 1st Week of Advent, Memorial of St. Ambrose

Reading 1: Is. 26. 1-6; Gospel: Mt. 7. 21, 24-27.

We are living in a world that is so much characterized by uncertainty. This is reflected in various aspects of our lives such as jobs, politics, relationships etc.. We also see many companies offering policies and advertisememts promising a secure future. How will these help us in terms of eternity here and now?

The Lord invites us today to a life of peace and righteousness and promises that He Himself will be the rock on which we will dwell (source of firmness and stability for life). To accept this invitation one has to take the walk of faith. Jesus, in today’s gospel teaches us how we could build ourselves on this rock; It is by committing ourselves to Him, especially by living the way of life presented by Jesus (scriptures, His Word)

Our desire to commit ourselves to God must not be driven by fear or selfish motives but with the single mindedness of seeking him. Whatever done with this motive will find its surety, meaning and sense of purpose.

A wonderful example for this is seen in the life of St. Ambrose. When he was called to serve the Lord he gave up his authority and power and committed himself totally to the service of God and to care for his people.

Let this season of advent help us to reorient our lives towards God. May we build our lives and families on his word that every situation we may always experience the peace and presence of Immanuel who will be there for us.

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