06 Sept 2017: Prayer


Wednesday of the Twenty-second Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Colossians 1:1-8; Gospel: Luke 4:38-44

The Gospel readings of this week have been depicting to us, the beginnings of Jesus’ ministry.  People were truly amazed by the words, deeds and the person of Jesus Christ. He manifested such authority and power which they have never before witnessed in their personal life or in Israelite history. This gradually led people to ask the question – ‘From where or how did Jesus get such power and authority? (What was the secret of His success?)

The answer to that question is found in today’s Gospel reading: “At daybreak he departed and went into a deserted place” (Lk 4:42). Why? The Gospel of Mark would put it more clearly by adding the phrase “and there he prayed” (Mk 1:35). All that power and authority emanated from prayer – from Jesus’ relationship (constant contact) with God the Father.

The celebrities of all times, including our own, crave to be in the lime-light and are willing to do anything for that. But here we have, Jesus, who did not want to bask in glory but move on to do His duty and fulfil the purpose for which He came. It was prayer that once again strengthened Him to seek not His will and glory but that of God. Hence prayer helped him not only to exert power and authority, but also to stay humble and focused in His life and ministry.

If Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, gave such importance to prayer in life and enjoyed its fruits, it goes without saying that His followers need to understand the importance of prayer and give it a prominent place in their life.

Do I pray? If so, do I have a special time set out for prayer every day? Am I regular and hold fast to my prayer time without compromise to stay in union with God? Does my prayer help me to become humble and Christ-like? If the answers are affirmative, thanks be to God. If not, let us at least begin afresh from today with the grace of God.

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