6 July, 2017: Spiritual Experiences


Thursday of Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: Gn. 22 1b-19; Gospel: Mt. 9.1-8.

Today’s gospel questions the people who go for some spiritual experiences. Why do people go for such spiritual experiences? Most of them go when they are helpless or when they are in difficulties, or when all the doctors abandon them because they can’t be cured by medicines. Often, these people are being taken to the retreat centers or to a most prominent retreat preacher etc. But sometimes miracles don’t take place. Then, people make the conclusion that God has failed or God has abandoned them, He does not love me etc. While some others become pessimistic about the whole concept of God. and they start complaining  to God  for all the things that happened in their lives. But, often these people do not listen to Him. Thus, they enter into a process of complaining to God. However, when one is willing to listen one starts realising will of God. As Christians we need to understand that our faith in God should be consistent  and shouldn’t be arising only from our needs and helplessness. Let us all believe that every day God works through us and for us.and our day-to-day life is the result of our faithfulness to God.

And so, what about our faith? Is it arising from our helplessness?

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