6 December, 2017: Witnesses of Compassion

Senior and young holding hands

Wednesday of 1st Week of Advent

Reading 1: Is. 25. 6-10a; Gospel: Mt. 15. 29-37.

Today’s readings present two events that take place on a mountain, symbolically representing the encounter of God with human person.

God takes his place on the mountain and invites all people to come to him. (In the Christian context, it is the Church, those called). Both readings tell us about God’s care and concern for his people. He goes out of his way to feed his people with plenty, wipes away every tear and destroys all that hinders his dear ones to experience his love for them. God’s loving compassion is manifested in his desire to save all who trust in his mercy. His blessings flow to those who seek him and long for his redeeming presence in their lives.

As Christians we have been privileged to see the compassionate face of God so many times, especially in the sacrament of reconciliation where the Lord destroys the shroud of sin that is cast on us. He has destroyed death by his resurrection and has given us hope. He has fed us with his own body and blood. We are provided with these means of salvation.

In turn God invites us to be the messengers of his compassion, specially by reconciling and healing the wounds of division and hatred in our own families, in our communities…..during this season of advent when every meal is eaten and shared with love in our families and communities, and when everyone is accepted with their own imperfections … we become witnesses of His redeeming presence to all.

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