4 September, 2018: He Spoke With Authority


Tuesday of the Twenty Second Week in Ordinary Time

R 1: 1 Cor. 2/10b – 16 ; Gospel: Luke 4/31-37

“They were astounded at his teaching because he spoke with authority.”

Jesus’ teaching made a significant impact on his listeners, because he spoke as a man, as one having authority. Jesus, the Word made flesh, shared the word with the people who listened to him at the synagogue. His authority was totally different from the human authority as we understand. Those in authority in our society act on behalf of someone or something, be it a political or social organization. But Jesus spoke in his own name and not just on behalf of others. The synagogue was permeated with the power and presence of Jesus. Interestingly, it was in such a holy place that a man who had a spirit, an unclean demon was found. The evil spirit recognized Jesus to be the Holy one of God. But Jesus silenced the evil spirit and expelled it out of the person. This reminds us of the fact that evil is found even in the holy places where we worship the Triune God. The evil from within our hearts and home should be driven out by the power and authority of Jesus, for we are the temple, the synagogues of the Holy Spirit. May the life-giving word empower us, lead us forward. Amen.

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