4-10-2018; Sending on a Mission


Memorial of Saint Francis of Assisi

Reading 1Job 19:21-27; Gospel Lk 10:1-12

In today’s Gospel we see Jesus appointing and sending on a mission the 72 disciples whom He chose for His mission to proclaiming the regain of God. He sent them to all the towns and places. The duty of the sent is to prepare the way for Jesus to enter into the hearts of people so that they may change their ways and fall back on God’s ways.

Firstly, Jesus proposes a problem saying that the labourers are few, though the harvest is rich. Secondly, He sends them like lambs among wild beasts because when kingdom of God is preached especially about the regain of God, equality, freedom, love, repentance, service, etc. there will be reactions of all sought and persecutions. Thirdly, Jesus asks them to go empty because the called one must totally depend on divine providence and surrender himself to Jesus so that people who see them having nothing may welcome them to hear word of God out of their generosity.

Finally, Jesus speaks of a blessing and a curse. He told disciples to bless the people who welcomed His word and put it into practice. Here we must note that the hearing is always accompanied by change of heart. Cursed be the one who does not receive the word and change accordingly. The one who rejects will be thrown into the fire on the last day because even after knowing who and what God is purposely rejected God and His ways.

So dear faithful, we are all called to establish the kingdom of God in our families, surroundings and on this earth. Are we striving to establish it?

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