3January, 2018: We are the Indicators


Christmas Weekday
1st Reading: 1 Jn 2:29 – 3:6; Gospel: Jn.:29-34

John the Baptist, with his radical and simple lifestyle, acts as an indicator to the Messiah. Imitating him, all of us are called to be the same: to be the indicators of Christ.
In his testimony towards Jesus there is a lot to think about.
There is a constant search to identify the Messiah. That is why, John the Baptist was able to assert immediately that Jesus was the lamb of God.
The virtue of humility is a prerequisite in being an indicator. It helped John to acknowledge the reality of the mighty God who was, is and will be for ever.
A need for clarity is vividly seen in today’s Gospel narrative in bearing testimony. John the Baptist was so sure that his work of baptizing with water is to make Him known to everyone.
Authenticity, of course, should accompany one’s testimony. John the Baptist who stated that Jesus was the Lamb of God, did not hesitate to state that personally he did not know Jesus. He was true enough to say that it was based on the promised sign that he identified the Messiah.
A constant contact with the One who sent is necessary to be truthful to the mission. John the Baptist was able to say that it was God who gave him the easy way in which he could identify the Messiah.
Called to be indicators of Christ, the Messiah, let us pray fervently to acquire the following: a constant search for the presence of the Messiah, humility, clarity, authenticity, and a contact with the One who sends. With all this let us become strong powerful indicators of the Messiah to the multitude.

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